What We Believe

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

Core Beliefs

The Deity
We believe that GOD the Father, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit are 3 Devine Personalities yet one being. I know this can be hard to wrap your mind around, but GOD declares this to be true. We trust that GOD has our best interest at heart, and so we trust HIM. We also believe that Jesus is the One and Only Christ. He is the only way of escape from the Law of Death and from Hell. We believe this because through studying the Scripture it has become increasingly evident that there is no way of escape except through the coming Messiah all through the Old Testament and the Messiah that came in the New Testament. Jesus has fulfilled all the prophecies laid down concerning the coming Deliverer and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to us His Deity.

The Bible

We believe the King James Version of the Bible is the inerrant, complete version of the Scripture. We believe this because we can trace this version of the Bible back to the original texts, specifically the Textus Receptus. We believe GOD has protected HIS love letter to HIS people all throughout history. If HE hasn’t what is the point of the Bible at all? GOD has had a plan for us to find HIM, HIS Son, and His gift of escape from the Law of Death. He also, through the Bible, has shown us the best way to live. We believe this original text because through a considerable amount of study, we have determined that this is the GOD given version. There are many texts out there, but we can trace ours to disciples instead of libraries. We also believe that the Scripture should be the final and sole authority for our lives. GOD wrote it for us to be able to live our best lives. Why not follow?


We believe that salvation is a surrendering of your life to GOD and accepting HIS FREE GIFT of life. This is extensively detailed all throughout the book of Romans. We also believe that salvation is a one-time, non-deferring gift. You can not lose your salvation. This has been proven to us by John 10:29 when it states that no man can be plucked out of the hand of the Father. If GOD is GOD, and if HE is all powerful and can not lie, then how can you pry yourself or satan pry you out of the hand of GOD. By sin? Than how can you be saved in the first place? GOD has made salvation this way because no one could keep salvation otherwise.


We believe that the position of man is below, and not equal to GOD. This may seem simple, but often times we forget we have to yield to GID’s will instead of chase our own. We believe that GOD dictates to us how HE wants us to live, and if you go against Him, you are in the wrong.


We believe sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, and as a result, we all have been born with a sin nature. Naturally we desire to do what we want, and simply put this isn’t right. We believe that ALL have sinned. The Bible states this as a simple fact. This is why we don’t judge people. We are all sinners. We also believe that we lose our place in Heaven because of only one sin. The Bible says these things in Romans. Praise the LORD for making a way of escape for us in HIS Son’s suffering.

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