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First Blog Post...Ever

Posted by Amy Robbins on with 1 Comments

     Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog post...EVER!  I truly have no idea what I am doing, so please be patient with me. I will be learning all the ins and outs of posting along with blog etiquette and ways of dressing things up as I get a little further down this cyber road.

     When I was approached about doing a blog on this site, I employed a 'duck and cover' strategy thinking that if I just kept my head down and my mouth shut this would blow over. Well, I was wrong. My #2 (in a line of 5) kept bringing it up and dropping hints- which got annoying. So, that is why I find myself sitting at my dining room table in an empty home racking my brain about what to write and feeling foolish instead of enjoying the quietness I have been afforded. 

     So, first things first, "Why call the blog Unfiltered?". Good question. There is a two-fold reason. For those who may not know me, I. LOVE. MY. COFFEE. Having said that, it's only natural that I would somehow work a coffee theme into this. Secondly, I try to be as real as possible. Sometimes I am too real and can let people see too much, but in a society where perfect equals success and we have the ability to manipulate everything by adding a 'filter' to make things appear just so- I feel we are doing our churches, families, friends, communities, as well as ourselves, a disservice. That is fantasy. No one is perfect, and certainly not all the time and THAT'S O.K. So even though I strive to be better at everything I do, I try not to become fake in it- hence 'Unfiltered'.

     Next on the list, "What will the blog be about?" Wow, another good question. I have no idea. I guess it all depends on what is going on in our family or in the church. My plan is to share events that are going on (as mentioned previously), prayer request and answered prayers, things I am learning, things GOD is teaching me, and other general information all blanketed in humor...which I still think should be a spiritual gift!

     Lastly, "Why?" to which I say "Why not?". This is not my thing, but I was asked to do it. I am keenly aware that no one wants to hear anything I have to say. I am no great well of wisdom. When I open my mouth, sometimes my tongue of kindness is missing. I make a mess of things more than I should. I am not one of those ladies that other women will go to hear speak. I am just me. Plain. Simple. Flawed. Unfiltered. But, if I can make one of you smile or give you the nudge that you need to get to the next minute or the encouragement you need to just take the next breath, then my discomfort and vulnerability is a small price to pay.

     So, grab your coffee (or tea, or whatever), get comfy , and let's get to know each other a little better. In the near future, I will have an email address attached to this blog where you can ask questions, leave comments, or even suggestions for future topics.

Until next time,

      Mrs. Amy 





Claudia Tamez March 25, 2016 4:50pm

Hi, Mrs. Robbins!
What a Blessing to hear from you, many years ago you were a great blessing to us, it was our first year as missionaries to the Hispanic community in Hutchinson, KS, with church in our House, new to everything and afraid of starting Homeschool with my four kids, I remember ordering some Ace Books by EBay and asking if you could hold the books for me till we received our monthly support, and you so graciously said don’t worry and send me more than $500 ACE homeschool material! You cannot imagine what my heart felt seen through you my Heavenly Fathers hand confirming what he wanted for me to do. Well I have graduate two of my kids, one is married and this year my third child will graduate, Lord willing she will be going to college. I have continue praying for you and your family all these years (I think 7) I’ve kept you on my prayer list, and what a blessing to have received an email from your husband informing me of your blog, some years back my email had been hacked and lost most of my contacts. And don’t worry if you don’t know or understand why the Lord wants you to have a blog He is in control and with your big heart He will use you greatly for His glory!