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Bring on the Fall!

Posted by Amy Robbins on

Good glorious (almost) fall morning to you all! This is my favorite times of the year and it is also the trigger for my annual sit down and have a talk with myself time. For some people, Spring is that time of new beginnings and recommitments, not me. My life drastically changed during the fall of 2005 and since then I have had mile markers or situations that have changed who I am as a person occur seemingly every fall. Maybe this is when I am most susceptible to GOD working in and on me? At any rate, this is my time of year; the pumpkins, the leaves, the mums, the caramel apples, the chili, the kick off to the smell of cinnamon in the air, the start of school, and watching high school football.

For some, this is a sad time. It's a time when things begin to die and the impending doom of another Iowa winter is right around the corner.  I don't necessarily see it that way. Yes, things are dying, but from their death, come the seeds for future life. Plants, trees, bushes, and flowers are all going through a transition. They are turning inward (so to speak) refreshing, replenishing, healing, and even though unseen, growing. All in an effort to become greater, stronger, deeper rooted, and more fruitful. This is a time of opportunity.

As the life of our family is on track to see yet another drastic change this fall with the birth of our first grandbaby, I find myself turning inward, taking an honest look at myself, making changes in order to emerge again refreshed and stronger as a wife, mother and now a grandmother.  I am working to deepen my roots in who I am in Christ and who HE has created me to be, and to become more fruitful and sprinkle seeds for future life in others.