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Who We Are

01.05.16 | Who we are | by Technical Support of Calvary Baptist Church

    We are an Independent Bible Believing Baptist Church in the town of Charles City, Iowa. Founded as a Missionary Alliance church back in 1937. Through the years GOD has blessed and we became convinced of the Truth of the Scripture and the unconditional, unchangeable love and forgiveness of GOD. We reject no one and seek to show GOD's love and mercy to a world looking for peace and happiness. we have many ministries we use to try to reach the lost. Those include: Bus ministry, soul winning, missions, printing Scriptures, radio ministry, counseling, and much more.

    We always accept everyone and don't judge anyone on their past. we only care about their future.


    Lastly, but perhaps most important, We are a church built on building families. We thrive on families and helping them grow together as a family unit. making them a loving, nurturing group instead of a bunch of strangers under the same roof.