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The Next Three Steps

09.09.18 | by Tyler Robbins

    Everyone is seeking to find something. To understand why we are here and what we are meant to do. Everyone needs somewhere to be that person. Everyone needs a purpose. Calvary Baptist Church in Charles City, Iowa is the place where you can fit in, regardless of the labels people like to place on each other.

    Step 1: Belong

    GOD designed every man, woman, and child with a few simple needs: Acceptance, Security, Significance. These are what drive people to reach out and connect! I remember when I was a teenager, standing in line for a roller coaster. Another teenage boy was standing there. He was from an Asian nation, but he spoke English. He and I talked until it was time to ride the roller coaster. After we left the ride, I never saw him again.
    That is exactly how everyone is. We are always open to making connections… It’s how we fight feeling alone.
    In our church, we accept everyone. No questions asked. GOD loves everyone, so we do to.
    We have people in all age groups and of all interests. From Golfing to knitting, New Mothers to our Gray Society. It’s easy to make friends with any and everyone here.
    Our Church strives to be all things to all people, but the only way to find Security is to come to GOD and get it. Everyone needs JESUS. The Bible says He is the Prince of Peace. God also has the name ‘The Comforter.’ GOD always is someone you can lean on, and our church is an easy place to find him.


    Step 2: Become

    GOD didn’t just design you with needs, He also designed you to be you, down to the last detail. He designed every facet of your personality, mentality, and demeaner. This is how much GOD loves and cares about you.
    But it’s not just that. GOD designed this so you could fit in with certain people, even in church. In our church, we go the extra mile, offering discipleship and counselling, to help you grow and become the greatest you GOD designed you to be, which is someone He can have a personal relationship with.


    Step 3: Begin

    After you have grown as a Christian, and have become firm in what your believe and how GOD sees you, our church has dozens of ministries to serve GOD in. This is another way GOD lets you use your God-given gifts. Some people can sing, some people can teach. I can’t sing, but I enjoy teaching. Some people GOD gave the ability to work with technology. Whatever your gifts are, if your not using them for GOD, you are wasting your potential.

    After all of this, let me say that GOD is who we seek to find, and who is the center of our ministry. It is our passion to bring you to HIM. All of this is 100% true, but without JESUS, you won’t get far. To learn more, click the link in the above menu called 'How To Go To Heaven.'