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  • Mailing Address: 2707 Congress Street Ste. #2G San Diego, CA 92110





    Bus Ministry

    We offer a bus ministry for picking up children and adults in the Charles City community. We are always expanding and seeking to grow our outreach programs into the surrounding communities.

    Sunday School Classes

    We offer a Sunday School class for all ages. From Nursery to Adult we have a class designed to help you grow in the LORD.

    Church Ministry

    We offer a Children's Church in edition to our Adult church services. We do this to help the parents and children grow on their own level to walk with GOD.

    Radio Ministry

    Our radio ministry has been reaching the elderly and shut ins for over 12 years and has grown to reach into other states through the internet. Its on every Sunday at 10 a.m. on 95.9 KCHA

    Print Ministry

    We have ben assembling and printing Scriptures for several years now. We now have our publications on every continent.


    In a world where Pastors are backing away from counseling people and dealing with life, as well as demonic issues, our Pastor not only Counsels, but also instructs our church and staff members how to help the people around them.


    We support several missionaries that span the globe. Our church has always had a heart for the world.